Not quite worthy of a painting...

Not quite worthy of a painting...

My studio is both a working pottery and a shop that is open for purchases.

My pots are made from white stoneware and is thrown and high fired (cone 9) at the studio. My goal is to make pots that you can give or use with pleasure: expressive and beautiful.

I took up pottery in 1994 and have maintained a studio business since 2002. I am dedicated to making pots for the kitchen and table in the wheel thrown tradition. I find that the wheel allows mw to add an apealing speed and gesture to the form.

My background is in graphics and design, and I think that has led to a fondness of edge, curve, arc and function. I tend to favor abstract to naturalistic. I like the subtle virtues of a good handmade pot, the small undulations and marks of the potter, handles that feel good, lips that pour well. I love texture and movement.

There is a quality to thrown pottery that goes well with homemade food and good company. The pots have their own individual character that fits the setting. I make my pots with a nod towards the shared meals with family and friends that we all enjoy.

Handmade pots come alive when handled and observed up close, My pots stand up well to daily use, which allows them to be decorative at rest and then readily employed in the kitchen, at the table, or even in the dishwasher. 


1984: B.S.M.E. University of California, Berkeley

1987: M.S.M.E. in design, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Pottery History

DNA: My grandmother, Ruth Stapleton, was a potter in New Jersey

1994: Started at Northern Clay Center in Saint Paul

1996: Studio at Northern Clay Center, cone 10 reduction work.

1999: Moved to Clonmel, Ireland. Very humble studio in town.

2001: Returned to Minnesota, rented studio space at Dock 6 Pottery.

2004: Established Bungalow Pottery.

2006: Moved to Milton Square in Saint Anthony Park, St. Paul.

2011 - 2014: Director of the St. Anthony Park Arts Festival

2014: Moved to the Northrup King Building in Minneapolis.


Other Tidbits

1962: Born in Killeen, Texas. I moved around a lot, but grew up mostly in California. I spent some childhood years in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

1978 - 2000: Wrote a lot of software, mostly for science, animation and user interfaces. Google me if you're interested.

I've been married to Michele Chin-Purcell since 1986 and we have two girls, Mara (b. 1992) and Lia (b. 1998). We live in Saint Anthony Park, in Saint Paul.