New Photo Setup

I know that if I don't have a quick way to take photos then photos wont get taken. Since my customers have good taste they often buy my favorite pots first, so I need a way to take pictures right out of the kiln, before I'm tempted to put a pot on display.


I decided to sacrifice some rack space with a fold down sweep. The rack is 48 inches wide, and figuring on a 3:2 aspect ratio I made the opening about 34 inches tall.

The sweep itself is from a roll of photo backdrop paper ordered from B&H photo. If I remember right the color is "Thunder Grey". An advantage of having it folded up when not in use is that the sweep won't collect clay dust.


The soft box and stand are inexpensive versions, and the bulb is a large full spectrum fluorescent, so it doesn’t get too hot. This is certainly a very basic lighting setup, but it gets the job done for web photos.


And here is an undedited photo taken with my iPhone. Good enough! The plate was thrown by me and carved by my daughter Lia.

Ken Chin-PurcellComment