Wedding Registry for Mara Smith and Nate Johnson (EXAMPLE)

Mara and Nate have decided to register at Bungalow Pottery for their wedding! I will be making a custom set of stoneware place settings for their table, so they can share meals with family and friends in a unique way for years to come.

Since I will be throwing and firing their pots together as a set after the wedding, the procedure for ordering is slightly different than from a store.

After purchasing a gift from the registry I will send you gift certificate that you can pass on to Mara and Nate. Purchases will also be tracked on my end, so no worries if the certificate is misplaced.

Ordering a place setting is the the same as ordering a dinner plate, salad plate and bowl.

After the wedding Mara, Nate and I will meet to finalize the details, then I will throw and fire the tableware together, so it works as one set.

Please call me at 612-234-POTS if you have any questions.

I use my credit card processor's online store to handle transactions. The link below will take you to the Bungalow Pottery section of Square's website.

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